Federico Espejo actor La venganza de Las juanas Netflix


Federico was born on September 23 , 1992 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At the age of 17, he decided to start his studies in the “Sebastian Mellino Academy” where he spent 3 years studying Singing and Acting. In 2013 he made his first television project called “Wake Up With no Make up”, a musical series produced by Coca-Cola and broadcast by E Entertainment. 

In 2016 he arrived in Mexico and continued his acting studies with his teacher René Pereyra, discipled of Lee Strasberg, teacher of the Actor Studio NY. He participated in several plays of his own. 

One of his first projects was in 2017 in the series “La Casa de las Flores” on Netflix directed by Manolo Caro where he played “Willy”.

In 2018 he participated in the series “The Guzmán”, broadcast by Imagen TV where he played “Federico”, the first boyfriend of Alejandra Guzmán. In the same year he participated in “Heart of Champion” (“La jefa del Campeón”), broadcast by Televisa, where he played the evil “Nelson Coppola”. 

In 2021 he participated in the series “The Five Juanas” (“La Venganza de las Juanas” ) on Netflix, as “Pocho”.

In 2021 too he participated in the famous mexican series “40 y 20” broadcast by Televisa as “Mateo”.

In 2022, he participated as “Jorge” in “Esta historia me suena” and as “Arcangel” in “Dulces Tentaciones”.

His most recent role is “Aguirre” in “Quiero tu vida”, a film directed by Jorge Colón and nominated for “Best Comedy Film on a Streaming Platform” at the Produ Awards.